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Namco Technologies, Inc. specializes in four major areas of information technology including network support and consulting as well as communication infrastructures, and website design & maintenance.

The technology used to conduct business is constantly changing. Technology and its applications have an ever-growing impact on commerce, the way businesses operate and companies' interactions with customers. Using advanced and up-to-date technology allows innovative and competitive advantages at the point of revenue.

Namco Technologies helps make the task of managing businesses' needs simpler, less costly and more effective.

Network Management & Support


Namco Technologies' network consulting began over 20 years ago in response to the explosive growth of business networks and the Internet. The company offers excellence in LAN/WAN diagnostics, services and troubleshooting; Internet services; cabling; and other technical services. The network consulting staff have the experience necessary to readily address clients' network technology challenges and work with industry-leading vendors to ensure that clients get the best technology has to offer.

IT Consulting Services


To achieve high performance, organizations must continue to control the cost of IT while determining how to invest in IT capabilities to gain competitive advantage. Namco technologies understands the challenges and opportunities companies face, and has built world-class IT strategy consulting capabilities to help companies capitalize on emerging growth prospects while maintaining high levels of IT efficiency.

Web Design & Development


The Internet is quickly becoming the best way to communicate with people everywhere. With millions of users online everyday, the Internet offers an unlimited viewer audience, unconstrained by time or location. With Namco Technologies' help, companies can market products and services online, receive feedback from customers through e-mail and online forms, change or update websites at any time, track the number of visitors to websites, and find which areas interest visitors most.

Namco Technologies provides the added advantage of full-service website development and maintenance. The company can expand online capabilities to fit any needs, allowing clients to conduct business from wherever they are, at any time.

Communications Systems


Namco Technologies provides the VoIP solutions that small, medium, and large businesses need to make their business communications their competitive edge. Our product line includes the easy-to-use, yet intelligent business phone systems with powerful Unified Communications capabilities.